A photo project to increase the visibility of the queer & DEI community

Queer & DEI

is everything outside of the normative frame set by society: be it different body forms, sex, gender, forms of relationships or lifestyles, disabilities, different cultures, …

Rolemodels wanted

Do you have the power and the resources to be a role model for others? You would like to be in front of the camera? 

Then please contact us and let’s show the world how queer & DEI people look while living their ordinary, normal lives!

This is us
Anna & Monika

Anna is a queer professional photographer with over 30 years of experience based in Tallinn, Estonia. She is known for her work in tourism, but also for her activism and projects about body acceptance, as well as her charity work „Help Portrait“.

Monika is a content producer, writer and author based in Tallinn, Estonia. Monika is an activist for body acceptance and weight inclusion and supports projects like „Red Dress“. 

Anna and Monika have been married for 22 years and share a company and their passion for fighting for inclusion and visibility.

Our Story

When we were looking for a holiday location we realized there were not many photos of queer people. We mostly saw young, sporty, half-naked gay men partying on the beach. Or you see photos of pride parades or drags. Don’t get us wrong. This is great and fine.

But where are all the other different kind of scenarios? The older gay couple fine dining. Two mothers with their children having a picnic. Or two fathers? Where are the lesbian couples of all ages? Or trans and non-binary people?

And apart from the LGBTQ+ community there are so many more people not visible until today: Disabled, different cultures, older women, fat,…

You name it. 

Where can we see people doing normal things?

Like picking up the kids from school? Doing the groceries? Enjoying gardening? Hiking in the forest? Working? 

We did a lot of research

and though there are the first projects that try to show the picture there is still a lot missing. There is so much talk about visibility but there are hardly any photos. 

We want to change that.

We want to show that there are so many people not only living a queer life but also a totally normal life.

By doing so we hope that one day this all will be totally normal. Because we have seen it all. 

In photos.

Just a normal life. 

We very strongly believe

that when there is enough representation the so far unseen will become more and more normal. We believe that fear, aggression and hate will be reduced when we see more and more diversity in everyday life. When there is more representation.

Can you help us?
Would you like to be part of it?
Let's do a photoshoot together!

How does it work?

Step 1

Get in touch with us

Send us an email, a message or call us.

Step 2

free photo shoot

We pick a date and time to make a photoshoot free of charge.

Step 3


We talk about the photos and agree on those we want to publish.

Here are our rules and promises:

Where will the photos be published?

We will showcase the photos on this website. We are also planning an exhibition once we have gathered enough material. 

Are you ready?

Stronger together

We are not alone. These are our partners.

Do you want to support us?

Do you like what we are doing and want to support us? Here is what you can do:

The more people we reach, the bigger the impact. Join us and let us make a change. Together.

Are you a company with diverse employees?

We are looking for professional locations to show normal lives. If you would like to provide a location, please contact us. 

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